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atripla...what would happen if i take 2

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ive been on atripla for 7 months and never miseed a dose..i went downstairs and got some water and feel asleep. i just jumped up and i cant remember if i toke the damn pill or not...should i take one anyway just in case i didnt? this is kinda wierd cause i really cant remember if i took it or not. what would happen if i did take it and now im taking another one?

well, you could count your pills ... 30 minus the days you've taken so far

or think really hard if you had any familiar dreams or buzzings that you usually experience after dosing

or think better safe than sorry ... and take one .... I've taken an extra one by error the next morning [really weird to buzz in broad daylight to me] ... the sustiva is long acting so you'll probably be all right if you don't.

just get back on track as soon as possible. -YaKa

May I suggest using a pill case that has the day labeled on each compartment? They are pretty inexpensive and since you are on Atripla, you probably don't need a very big one.
Having pill cases certainly were helpful to me on previous regimens.

Good luck,

dont worry about taking two so much according to my bud the pharmacist if it only happens once beside in south africa there are reports of people taking multiple sustivas  for the hallucinogenic properties 
my gut feeling is that the mg of these drugs is so so small in comparison to your body weight

200mg= .2g = .0002kg and body is 80kg or 80,000g

sure there is danger but the horrible things people do to thier bodies daily for decades - drugs, alcohol, meth, shots, daily cigarettes with 200 toxic substances some people smoke a pack a day -- keep it all in perspective

also think of the million who work in factories with toxic chemicals or mines for 40 years with coal dust

dont worry about one pill
and if something serious happens call 911 or go to Dr.

people sacrifice thier entire lives in sulfer mines in 100s of countries to better thier kids lives etc.

Hi There,

Well, You could count your pills. I think we have all probably done that on one or more occasions when we think we missed a dose. ( I know I have)

Best advice ( as suggested by Sharkdiver) is to get yourself a pill case. Their inexpensive, you can pick one up at any drugstore. They come in very handy !!

Take care----Ray


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