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I took a test for HIV about 16 days ago.  It was taken at MEPS for going into the military.  I was wonderin whether or not the results have come in?  I hate taken these kinda test cuz it worries the hell outta me.  Please get back to me asap.  Thank you


Andy Velez:
Justin, you need to contact where you had the test done to find out about the result. We don't have the means to get that information for you.

As far as your test result is concerned in terms of sexual activity, as long as you haven't had unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse you can expect to test negative.

Please clarify if you have any specific concerns. 

well the problem is, is that they don't tell you any information unless it is positive.  I was just wondering how long it usually took to get the test back. 

sorry the question above was in general for all tests


I would verify that they have the correct contact information for you, and if anything's wrong, they'll have procedures in place to notify you.  Other than that, no news is good news.



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