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Semen/Blood Contact with Wound


Yes i'm going to ask the obligatory stupid question.  ;D
Can I get Hiv from contact between a fresh cut (not bleeding)  on my hand and semen/blood?
Also what if the cut had developed a scab, are the chances different?

Thanks for bearing with me

Andy Velez:
HIV is a fragile virus. It is not easily transmitted. The scenarios you are implying could theoretically have some level of risk if HIV+ blood or semen poured into a bleeding wound of some kind.

However, in the real world transmission just doesn't happen in the modes you are suggesting because all the necessary factors simply don't come together.

Please read the lesson on this site about transmission. You can find the link to it in the first thread in this section.

Have you had a specific incident you are concerned about?


Well yes
I have a scab from playing too much slap bass which i was picking at a little bit today, later in the day (about 3 hours) i shook hands with someone who's hands felt slightly off and slimy, so i just started wondering, and my mind kept wondering


There is no risk for hiv infection in what you describe.


Well thanks very much guys
im a lot more comfortable now (although i will try to stop this habit of picking scabs ::) )


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