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Bone pain


I was wanting to see if anyone has ever experienced actual "pain in the bone" (I'm not joking, lol...) There are times here recently that I feel actual PAIN in my bones.  There are times it actually takes my breath away.

I have an appointment with my doctor for labs on the 29th of August but was wondering if a call beforehand is needed if this could mean something is going on.

Thanks for any insight.

Hey Kiki,

I experience pain in my bones. Part of it comes from arthritis. (OK, don't laugh. I'm "over 40,")

But a part showed up after I began taking statins for cholesterol. It turned out it wasn't in my bones, per se, but rather myopathy caused by the statin. But boy, it felt like it was in the bone.

Aside from that, its hard to say. Keep us posted on what your doc tells you.



Thank you Mark, I will definitely talk with my doctor on it when I go back. I am 30 so I'm hoping it's not arthritis. I could almost understand if it was JUST in my right knee because I do have torn cartilage in it and I do feel pain in that area whenever the weather pressure changes. The thing is that I feel it at different parts of my body, mainly my arms (like in my wrist area), my ankle, and sometimes my hip area.

Hello Kiki,

What medications are you currently on ?


None for HIV the only thing I take is paxil.


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