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Well, today was my initial appointment with a therapist.

I went early and filled out the appropriate paperwork and then met with the therapist for approximately 45 minutes.

For insurance purposes she had to come up with an general diagnosis which can be refined later.  Basically, she assigned general anxiety disorder to me.

I will see a psychiatrist who will hopefully recommend some medication to help me feel more at ease and maybe help with fatigue - not sure. 

Originally, the earliest opening was in October which I said was unacceptable.  Ergo, I'm going to another office in Ann Arbor which has a few more doctors on staff - the appoint is the first week in August.

At the end of the session it was agreed that I would meet with my therapist weekly.  My next appointment is next Wednesday.

So I need advice, because several years ago I did try Wellbutrin and more recent in February of this year I tried Paxil for about a week before I decided it was worse for me than just facing 'real life.'  The ironic part is that my infectious disease doctor referred to Paxil as "Happy Pills" - now that's crazy (I certainly didn't feel happy...more like listless and undigested).

What should I ask the psychiatrist for  - I don't want another SSRI - but should I be so bold or just say I need a sedative?

I would like something to ease the pain.

Hi Jordan.

Well, I'm on 20mg of Prozac/day.  It's not bad.  Every once in a while I'll take an extra pill if I know I'm going to be really stressed out.  Side affects aren't too bad, in fact I really can't think of any except maybe no sexual drive but I can blame that on the virus or the meds.  Who knows?

Good luck.

Andy Velez:
Hi Jordan,

Will you be having more than one appointment with this person? I'm wondering if rather than you suggesting drugs you can have some substantive conversation about where you're at and get a professional opinion on what might be most helpful to you.

In my opinion taking mood-altering pharmaceuticals ought to be temporary since it deals with symptoms and not causes. I do appreciate how painful feelings can be at times.

Please keepus posted on how this goes.


Robert:  check your PM (in a worse case I'm willing to try Prozak)

Hi Andy:

I'm going to be seeing the therapist once a week.

the psychologist only once

I just don't want the psychologist to recommend something that will not work.  I know they are the expert, but I know myself....I need something to keep me calm.

I'll keep you posted. 



Buspar is often prescribed for GAD, as is Effexor. The latter, though, at low doses, works like an SSRI. Jay


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