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My best friend killed herself 1 hour ago. I am in shock.

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I was going to see my best friend Magda this afternoon.
Some gentleman answered the phone asking who I was.

He said he was a police officer.

My only words were : is she still alive, because I knew....
He said : no

Magda had finally gotten a hold of her depression 10 years ago.
She helped me through the worst of mine this year.

Sorry, for the lack of words.
But I loved this person. We shared all our secrets for 20 years.

And see what I do in shock? I turn to my family here.
You all see what you mean to me. I have locked myself in my office and I am writing this post.
Please don't worry. I will be fine

I am just  so immensely sad and helpless.


My beautiful friend and soulmate Magda

Just let me share this with you and keep her in  your prayers.
She has left this earth not more then  2 hours ago.


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The Canuck:

Your friend certainly found peace but it hurts nevertheless. You have my deepest sympathy Herman.


The Canuck

Herman...  I am so sorry to here about Magda...  Friendships are so hard to come by that travel a lifetime.   Be there for the family and share your experiences with them....


I dont know what to say.... I am so sorry for your loss.  My thoughts are with you at this most difficult time.


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