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TMC-114, darunavir: predicting response...


Just a useful summary report of the science so far...

Resistance to darunavir (TMC-114): predicting responses for treatment experienced patients

newt,my dr. has the largest trial of tmc 114 for experience patients. I just got back my first months labs and am now undetectable. I have been undectectable only one other time and it only lasted one month so I am reserving judgement for future. My ts stayed the same at 233.

I hope this time undetectable last longer, and the damn drug don;t grow you two new horns

- matt

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Miss Philicia:
I have been on TMC-114 + fuzeon for 2 months and my T-cells increased by about 65% and my viral load went from around 30,000 to undetectable (first time in my life... had HIV for 15 years)


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