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Could this happen or am I just nuts


Could I transmit the virus if my son gummed a spoon I had eaten off of.  I have looked at the net and have seen that this has never happened but could I be the first.  I had know Idea he had picked it up and began to chew on it.  To be honest I am not even sure I have HIV I am still waiting for week 12 to come round thank you guys. 

Please keep your concerns in a single thread.

That was an accident, I do not post often. But could you please answer the question if you do not mind.  I am having all kinds of messed up thoughts going through my head. Thank you for your time it is a great service you all do.


There is no risk in what you describe.

As Jonathan said, you should be posting in your original thread.  Don't create a new one with each new question or concern.



It helps us to help you when you keep all your additional thoughts or questions in one thread. With this in mind, I'm locking this one so you can return to your original thread

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