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Trish and I are on a committee (4 total)  to re-brand the Planning Council here in Kansas City.  I mean all the way from logo to mission statement.  I have the logo ideas laid out but need help on the tag line.
We are focusing on multi-racial, multi faceted community for new PC members (consumers), and I really want to get away from the standard mold (meeting some resistance though).

An example:
"One Community, One Goal"

You get the drift.  Just thought you might like to throw a few ideas at me.


Hello Kc it is Eldon. What's the mission statement?

Hey Eldon (I knew it was you)

The current Mission Statement is:
To Develop and coordinate an effective and comprehensive community-wide response in the Kansas City EMA to HIV/AIDS.

A mouthful for sure, and we are looking to streamline it as well stroke the appeal.

Hi John,

We are having to develop a Mission Statement for Community Re-Connect.  I received the first rough draft yesterday, it was written by our HIV Services Manager.  I added a change because the Re-Connect Task Force was never really provided by or supported by the Planning Counsil.  My suggestion was "Community Re-Connect, a Task Force formed by people living with HIV/AIDS for people living with HIV/AIDS."

I like our HIV Services Manager but she is staff and only lives HIV for 40 hours per week.  The people who actually formed this Task Force... would be those of us who actually have HIV/AIDS and can not clock out on Friday afternoon.  Have the best day

I applaud KC, Trish and Sonoma Beach for getting involved in their respective communities. The more HIV+ people that get involved CAN ONLY BE A GOOD THING for their communities. I may be brave or I may be nuts...but I'm meeting Moffie on Friday to get "my feet wet" and take that next step. If I live (lol) I'll let you all know how it went.
Kcmetroman, would it be possible to possible work in the word "TRUTH" somehow....Or "THE NEW TRUTH ABOUT HIV/AIDS...Just some food for thoughts maybe. good luck. And Thanks for taking the time with your efforts, which will help everyone with HIV/AIDS.


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