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I have not posted for quite a while.  I have found a special friend via these forums and we have been in constant contact for over a year now.  Our (elctronic) relationship has gone from initially dealing with having HIV, to learning to live with HIV, to learning to live a normal life with HIV. 

To that end, I thought we should discuss current events (i.e.) life as we know it, even though we all have this bleepin virus. 

So what the feck (quoting Ann) is up with Israel and the Hezbollah?  Everyone keeps telling me that Hezbollah are terrorists and that the Middle East citizens are all whacko and there will never be an end to all of this.  At first glance it would be easy to agree.  However, I fianlly tried to think as if I were a living in Lebanon.  It started to remind me of how I feel being HIV positive.

Isn't it or wasn't it so hard to imagine how you feel today when you were first diagnosed?  So how would you feel if you were a Lebanon resident?  Who's the terrorist and where does USA fit into this ideology?  Perhaps this is too far off the beaten path to solicit your comments, but perhaps you remember life before HIV and have learned via HIV that we never know how we are actually going to handle a situation until we are dealt the cards. 

By the way I am a middle aged caucasion professional born and raised in USA (i.e) I am not a middle east national soliciting support, I just wonder how what we are all thinking about current events.

Wow...Spinning HiV into the Middle East Mess...quite a reach. Shouldn't this be in the "off topic" area?

U said it Jeff. 

I'm not gonna say that I don't understand what your saying on some level but I will say I don't understand ANY OF IT ON ANY LEVEL!!!!!!!!!!!

But that's just me religion,  just not sure this is the right forum 2 discuss such issues

Just my thoughts

That is absolutely understandable.  If you want to reply feel free.  If you feel this thread is misdirected, than that is ok too.

I spent some time with a young couple from Lebanon week before last,who live in US now. They had just returned from a vacation in Lebanon visiting their families. They told me the overwhelming mood in the country is pro Israel. They were very frustrated that every US news show or paper is reporting the opposite.
The said the terrorist forces that have hijacked their country are funded exclusively by Syria and Iran and Lebanon is not powerful enough to expel them. They also know that Lebanon civilians may suffer some casualties but the need to rid Lebanon of the Syrian and Iranian forces comes first.  They were very happy that the US was not stopping Israel as US has done in past, cause it only lets the terrorists reload.


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