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Zinc Finger Proteins Put Personalized HIV Therapy Within Reach

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Is this ZFN research similar to Sangamo?
The Aarhus University has published some papers, but I am not a ZFN expert.

"HIV can cut and paste in the human genome

Aarhus University has developed a technology that uses the HIV virus as a tool in the fight against hereditary diseases - and in the long term, against HIV infection as well. The technology repairs the genome in a new and safer manner..."

"Targeted genome editing by lentiviral protein transduction of zinc-finger and TAL-effector nucleases"

For you science nerds out there, here's a pretty detailed slide show from a few months back regarding Sangamo's upcoming Hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) trial.  It was presented at the World Stem Cell Summit last December.

So I'm getting screened in 2 weeks at Quest / San Francisco.

In the previous trial, you could only get one injection of the modified T-Cells since it was delivered in the cold virus.  After the first injection, your body developed ABs to the cold virus, so a second injection would be ineffective.

In this new trial, multiple injections are possible.  They don't use a virus.  Apparently they use a laser to poke a hole in the cells so that the ZFN's can get in there.  This seems like total science-fiction and it must be a tiny laser.  But the upshot is since no viral vector is used, you don't get ABs, and you can get multiple injections.

In this trial, people will be receiving up to 3 injections.  You get the injection, go on a STI, see what happens! 


Best Luck!

Yes, best of luck.  I'm hoping they enroll you.


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