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Zinc Finger Proteins Put Personalized HIV Therapy Within Reach

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--- Quote from: Cosmicdancer on March 06, 2013, 05:21:38 PM ---Here's a summary of Sangamo's presentation today at CROI about its ZFN clinical trials.  The Phase 1 trial is showing sustained reconstitution of the immune systems of participants.

--- End quote ---

I don't see any mention of effect on viral load from the SB trials in this news release.  The Street.Com also blasts the company (see the link below) implying that they are hyping the technology to keep the stock price up. I have to imagine that if Sangamo had good data on viral load to share they would - the fact that they don't (have the data, or aren't willing to publish it) does not bode well for this technology or the stock price (even after a 7% drop today).

But the update at CROI was about the phase 1 trial, in which people were put back on meds after a brief treatment interruption, so everyone is presumably undetectable thanks to the meds.  Thus, there is no viral load data to report.  The phase 2 trial data will be presented later this year, and that will involve indefinite treatment interruptions. 

I think this update about phase 1 is extremely exciting, and very good news for Sangamo since potentially people whose CD4's have not rebounded that well despite being on meds may be able to restore their CD4's with one round of ZFN treatment. 

I agree with cosmicdancer here!....and for some reason the article on makes taking pills for hiv a piece of cake.

"in HIV patients can take a single pill each morning and basically never have to worry about their disease getting worse. These patients will grow old and die of something else before they succumb to AIDS. That's an amazing achievement in a disease that was a certain death sentence 30 years ago."

I think we all know the realities to this.

I was disappointed that we didn't get an announcement re: VL at CROI but, on the other hand, I still remain hopeful (but less so).  Still, it's been a slow process to recruit for the Cytoxan/SGMO trial, as I've experienced myself. 

First I was bounced for high bilirubin (crazy, since, hello, I'm on Reyataz!).
... then I was bounced for the high A5 antibody (hello, people get colds!).  Then I was bounced because my CD4/CD8 ratio wasn't good enough (close, tho).

Finally, it's been difficult to do a tropism test since they only want UD participants, and it's hard to determine tropism on something that is undetectable.

So all the screening factors mean a lot of delays.  And then there's the whole "do you take the plunge" question.  If you (or I) actually pass the screening, do you go ahead with it?  Watch your VL go up and hope it comes down by the treatment?  That's a little nervous-making.

Having said that I think about other potential cures (Bryologs, therapeutic vaccines, abzymes, treatment intensification, hairpin RNA)  and still think Sangamo (T-Cells or Stem Cells) has the best shot at curing this thing.

They've promised preliminary results on the PII data by the first half of the year.  I can wait a few more months.  And really, what choice do we have?

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