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Zinc Finger Proteins Put Personalized HIV Therapy Within Reach

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Thank you for keeping us informed Geobee!! Fingers crossed for good results :)

Just wanted to to post a quick note re: Sangamo. 

From reading various internet sources, I think Sangamo will have preliminary results from their two trials (the hetero trial and the cytoxan trial) at CROI 2013, which takes place March 3 through 6. 

Enrollments in both trials have gone reasonably well, so by March there should be patients who have completed both trials -- undergone the infusion and then had the structured treatment interruption.

There are so many gray areas in medicine, but this data, hopefully, will tell us if SB728 works and for whom it works.   (And by "works" I mean reduces viral loads to undetectable levels, a "functional" cure).

Sangamo's Plan B is to treat stem cells (instead of TCells).    CalImmune, which I've heard little about, also plans to modify stem cells.

Let's hope Sangamo's "Plan B" works better than Boehners...

Sangamo BioSciences’ CEO Presents at 31st Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare 9th January 2013.

(scroll down till you get to the above title. Than read Edward Lanphier presentation where he includes HIV of course ) Nothing new said, just that it stays upbeat :)

Sangamo shares up 17% today.  Haven't seen any reason for the movement but something is going on. 


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