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Crazy In Alabama Again


OMG!  I just got a call from a friend in Biloxi..(bartender at the gay bar over there) and found out that my ex-ex's new boyfriend has stolen his checkbook and is writing checks all over town.  I guess that explains the $500 overdraft he was talking about last Friday....I just called him and he's at work.  Poor baby...he sure didn't deserve this....Not that anyone deserves a boyfriend like him.  Sure makes you think twice about dating people you don't know..............YIKES! :-\

Modified to add...  He went home for lunch (after my phone call)  and found his apartment had been cleaned out.  Poor Baby.  He was a collector and had many fine persian rugs and paintings.  He called the police but I doubt very seriously anything will be recovered.  My heart goes out to him...


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