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Stomach bloating

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LES Jake:
Greetings from NYC:

I want to learn all the options there are for why my stomach is so damn bloated. I visit my doctor tomorrow and want to work this issue out. Here's what the options I know of as of today:

1. the meds I'm taking
2. Dairy
3. Clostrum difficile

I know there are more, right now I can't think of them. Any ideas out there? Nutrition? No sugar (damn!)?

Thanks so much for you help.

Lower East Side Jake

hi jake, on the lower east side.

difficult to say, really, could be any number of things. how long has this been going on for? is there a specific pattern to it, ie does it get worse after taking meds/eating certain foods/when you are stressed etc etc?

what meds are you taking? lots of them are renowned for causing GI upsets, be it diarrhea, cramps, bloating... other things your doctor might want to explore - IBS, IBD, colitis of some sort, GI candida, something parasitic or bacterial...your doctor is really the only one who can give you any definite answers, and probably only after running assorted tests.

natural options to help, whatever the and pre biotics, which you can get from live yogurt etc (although for best effect take capsules); peppermint, either in capsules (over here goes by the name of Colpermin?) or tea..fennel, maybe. might help too. Diet -wise:  avoid food that is high in fat, insoluble fiber, caffeine, coffee (even decaf), fizziness or alcohol. LIfestyle - relax, yoga or meditation or whatever you find soothing.

hope it is soon better..

LES Jake:
Thank you for the input. I know there's a list of possible reasons and am now going to take the necessary tests to start to check off what it is and what it isn't.

Again, thank you.


Hi Jake:

check out my post:


I hear ya man, I'm experiencing the same thing right now and although it seems that it's only half as bad right now, I'm also eating half of what I was. 

I love good food and snacks and snacking seems the only way to fullfill my daily intake.



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