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Right after I was approved for SSDI, I received a 'Ticket to Work' from Social Security. I've already scoured the ssa, my state's disability and vocational rehab's sites so I"m aware of what it's supposed to mean. Am still reeling that was approved so fast or that working with any parameters is allowed. FYI, Reluctantly applied until Jan 08, approved in two weeks, my eligibility began June 06.

Has anybody actually used the 'ticket' or enrolled in VR programs? What's been others' experiences? What are the pratfalls and pros? I'm particularly interested returning to school, already have a BA so I'd be looking at a graduate degree or a 2nd bachelors in my plan.

Any advice is welcomed. Looking for practicalilty. My ASO had never seen a 'ticket' until mine. I know the program is optional; I'm interested but don't want to screw up benefits. thanks.  YaKaMein

YaKaMein---I've worked with Voc Rehab for a lot of years.  A lot depends on your individual VR counselor to support and advocate for you.  I can tell you that guys like you who _want_ to work are plums for them.  The current VR counselor I send my guys to tells them she is partnering with them and she considers them "investments" as far as her time and energy and VR money. One thing to keep in mind is protecting your medical coverage.   There are programs that do this.   I recommend going to VR with your own career goal which puts you in the driver's seat.


YaKeMein, I'm on SSDI.  I'm currently enrolled in a university (but only for a bachelor's) that's being paid for by voc. rehab.  But, it's not through the ticket-to-work program.  I've heard of it, but have never gotten anything about it or actually used it.  I just went to voc. rehab and got into their program for continuing education.  I would be curious about your state's voc. rehab program as far as getting a master's.  The voc. rehab in my state (Indiana) won't go beyond a bachelor's anymore.  They don't have the funding.  But, it's always worth checking out in your state. 

Other than that, I have no idea how the ticket-to-work program even works.  I would definitely start with voc. rehab though.  And good luck. :)

I'll qualify for Medicare by Jan 09 so I imagine this fall I'll get information to enroll [yet more decisions]. Am currently insured thru my state's high risk pool which is paid via a RWHC title program. I should still qualify for Medicare premiums for Parts B & D paid thru that as well. So all things considered I will have medical covered.

Never been a 'plum' before, only a kiwi. SSA is rehauling this program and there are plenty of financial incentives for various acronyms [WIPA, EN, VR, ad nauseum] involved. I imagine that all VR counselors are not equal and I'll use care in finding one who will advocate and is informed. With some changes effective 7/21/08 agencies providing assistance to us, ticketholders, this may be a nice income stream for them. Since it's voluntary participation, my ticket has some leverage as to where and how I use it.

Being self-employed, then unable to work for the past two years, has been an adjustment among many for me. I anticipated a prolonged challenge with my SSDI claim. When approved, I asked if they were joking. Since they weren't, I'm very careful to comply to the rules but also want to maximize any benefits available.

Thanks for your advice with this. I appreciate your candor about approaching them with my own plan. It's just what I need.

Hey Betty,
Will the Continuing Ed increase knowledge in your current field or for general knowledge? Great VR is assisting you.

If you're interested there's info on re 'ticket to work and self-sufficiency'. My ASO was as shocked as I upon approval for SSDI without a battle and had not seen a 'ticket' before. an actual card is sent. We joked that SSa was trying to tell me something, LOL. Like we approved you, now go back to work or get a new career.

I figure I can explore what's this but wanted to check out any 'real' practical users among the forum with this program. I'll post whatever I discover if anything.


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