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I've got a headache !!

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Hello ,

I have only recently begun to learn how to burn CD's and DVD's. Yesterday I went to the store and decided I needed to get one of those CD and DVD labeling kits !! What a mistake that was.  :(  I think I will just stick with scotch tape and post it notes, to label the DVD's and CD's. This software is much to complicated for me to figure out ! ??? How the hell does anyone learn this stuff. I think I will stick with a pen and paper, and save my remaining brain cells for more fun things !

Ray    :-\


My hubby burns cds and he sticks labels on them. Prints them off the printer and then sticks them on. They look pretty good most of the time. Have no idea how he does it. But have heard him cussin a few times..LOL

I'm with just write with a marker whats on them and call it good.


I'm with you, man.  This new machine supposedly burns labels directly onto the disc but damned if I can make it work! :P

I get a headache every time I turn the god damned computer on. Getting on to this site is the most complicated thing that I am capable of. If I ever successfully burn a CD without melting the computer down, I will mark my Cd's in a way so as not to give myself a conniption fit, I will use the ever-popular Sharpie. Maybe a red one just to be bold and daring. I too can think of more interesting things to do with my few remaining brain cells.


Get a sharpie, thats how I label my disks!

When we first got a CD burner, I messed around with labeling software, what a pain, looks nice though. Now I don't care what they look like, I just get out my sharpie!


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