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I fractured my right hand (wrist) just over seven weeks ago. First four weeks in a cast (hot pink, if ye please), last three weeks in a splint. Visited the orthopaedic clinic today, they took more x-rays. Last time I was there, a couple of weeks ago, I was told that I'd almost certainly be able to discard the splint/brace after today, but apparently the fracture is healing a little slower than usual, and I've been told to keep wearing the splint for another MONTH!  >:(  :(  ???

Could this be because of my HIV infection? (I was infected exactly 11 months ago. I'm not on meds.) Anybody else have experiences with slow-healing injuries or fractures after being infected/diagnosed?


Hi Jay,

I haven't had the misfortune of a fracture, myself, but I just wanted to tell you I'm sorry to know it happened to you!

Wishing you a speedier recovery!!


Sorry to hear about your hand fracture. I haven't had it happened to me but I bet it is pretty painful. I don't know of any connections with HIV and the healing process. You might want to get a further analysis with your Doctor and see why it is taking so long to heal.

Hope you get better soon and Keep us posted.

Hey Jay, very sorry to hear of your hand fracture. I have never heard of HIV interfearing with bone healing. I had a broken toe and it healed just fine. Good luck with it. Hope you are better soon!

Jay, methinks that the longer healing process is just that: a longer healing process that has nothing to do with being poz. Your numbers are good so your body is reacting as it would had you been neg. I had "tennis elbow" and it's taken a good year to heal. Fractures take time. Be good to yourself and stop using that hand for a wank. heh heh



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