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After reading through the site and watching the posts for awhile I needed to ask a question that seems to have been partially addressed.

One week ago I had protected vaginal sex with a professional. She rimmed me and fingered my anus while we were together. The only worry in my mind is that I pulled out and she used her hands to massage my penis after a fairly long session of intercourse. We then began having sex again and she used the same hand to again finger my anus. Wow this sounds so clinical, sorry. Is there any reason for concern regarding her using her own wetness to penetrate my anus? Can rimming/fingering with vaginal fluids transmit HIV? I really don't know and would love any answers. Also, should I be thinking of getting tested for anything else? You all say that HIV is very difficult to transmit but other STD's are not. Thanks for any response in advance and a deep thanks for all the work you put into this forum/site.

You had no risk in what you described.

None? No reason to test? Whew.

Should I be getting tested for anything else?

Anyone that is sexually active should have an annual check up at least once a year. STDs and HIV tests.


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