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I had a strange infection of the virus

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I am a chinese,I had a strange infection of the virus, symptoms and
HIV almost identical, but the symptoms will continue not disappear, in
China, I understand a lot through the Internet and I were exactly the
same situation. Some of them have been infected with the 2.3 years or
a few months, but a startling is that we have physical symptoms and
developed a similar process is staggering. This highly infectious
virus, daily life, work, in close contact with the people in the
health will be affected. Can be sure of is spread through saliva.

Okay, I express my situation in the bar, drinking, I was a prostitute
kiss the body, no other contacts - I myself have no similar acts,
about a week after low-grade fever continued for about two months, was
there Blood, lymphatic swelling later, half a year has been sustained,
the symptoms have appeared one after another, white tongue, gums
white, shrinking gums, oral layer of skin like milk the tunica
albuginea, muscle cramps, Ladu, congestive eyes, etc. , And other
symptoms. Every morning and evening will be runny nose, all the
symptoms continued to the present. HIV testing times, the results are
negative. CD4 / CD8 approximately equivalent to 400 / 900 less than
0.5, has also done a lot of other testing, for example, HIV PCR, viral
load, and so on, the Chinese can do almost all routine testing done,
no question in the investigation reason. Chinese doctors have
powerless, on the one hand I think that is too panic, on the one hand
to my test results are very puzzled, I downward trend in the health,
sanitation and epidemic prevention departments in China do not have to
take any effective action, Bulibucai.

Through the network and I know a lot of my situation exactly the same
people, the vast majority of them are in close contact with the
opposite sex and, in the beginning of this situation, but the Chinese
media widely circulated in a case that a Chinese lady and a male in
relations between the United States , Was also infected and affected
her husband and children family, I contacted him a doctor, he is said
to taking anti-retroviral drugs, has improved. I know there are a
people in Africa had the disease, so that the disease is not unique to
China, I get on the web in reply to a foreigner, said that the virus
hidden in lymph nodes, blood Less than detection, will eventually
develop into AIDS, there are all kinds of speculation and rumors in
deteriorating health, I have destroyed the life, I just want to know
what I had in the end of Health, for its own sake in the people
around, I urgently need to be the truth .

In the hope that the people here can help me, give me a little useful
information, the final wish everyone safe.

sorry for my poor english,i just use google

Andy Velez:
Generation, I need for you to clarify what you've written. Were you with a sex worker and limited your actions to body kissing? Or were you the sex worker? It's not clear.

Either way, if body touching and kissing were the only activities you participated in then you were absolutely not at risk for HIV transmission.

Please clearify if I am missing something.

Were you with a sex worker and limited your actions to body kissing?


and i put on her condom,that's all

drunked too much,and i don't know the condom is new or old,the women take it away.

i am so desperation,u know ,in chinese ,  it's so expensive to takes ARV therapy,

Andy Velez:
Well, if you had intercourse and a condom was used then you were protected. Condoms provide very effective protection. Nothing else you did put you at risk for HIV.

Your symptoms don't mean a thing as far as HIV is concerned. And there is nothing HIV-specific about them. You can go ahead and get tested at 13 weeks after the incident just for peace of mind. I don't see any reason to believe that your symptoms have anything to do with HIV. If they persist you should discuss them with your doctor.


but i don't think so.


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