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first thanks everyone for ur generous help so far offered to everyone who is anxious

i am one of them

in jan and last month i had sex with commercial sex worker in canada

i m not drunk but i was doing stupid things becuz of stupid things between me and my spouse... u can blame me after all these

the first sex was so brief that i did not even erect but the sex worker used a condom. i blowed it after taking if off, i did not see it i assume it is not broken

the second time was also brief, but i made some moves in that sex encounterment. the sex worker insisted on using a condom, and refused me to touch her anywhere except her breasts. i blowed the condom after taking if off and inspected for 10 minutes, not flatten, so assume it is not broken either...

then i washed my penis with warm water and dry them with tissue papers.

Today i have a it ARS? i cannot even think about sex sounds disgusting to me....i have not talked with my spouse for a month becuz of my feeling so bad to her.

Please kindly let me know the following questions:

1. is there any risk factors that you see in it?
2. i am so damn scared to even approach any clinic for anything.... is that becuz of ARS?
3. do i need testing? my spouse will surely find out that because she knows where i am working anyway!

i swear i won't even look at sex workers anymore! please help!

o, btw, has anyone here ever ever heard about infected case even with a condom?
are there any micro holes on condom that cannot pass the air but can pass the virus?

i swear i m not exaggerating...but i m scared...thanks for your reply!!!!!

You had protected sex. No you don't need to test and condoms used consistently and correctly will prevent HIV transmission.

Matty the Damned:

Rod is correct, you don't need to test.

Condoms are an effective barrier against HIV.

The idea that condoms have microscopic holes in them is propaganda put about by conservative religious types to trick people into believing that  any form of contraception is sinful.

That idea is wrong. Properly used, condoms will prevent HIV transmission.


/edited for a small typo/

Andy Velez:
Just an add on to what the others have already told you ---  When a condom fails it's not a subtle event. It's not about teensie weensie holes. The whole thing goes and ends up looking like a fringed hula hoop on your penis.

Nothing you did put you at risk for HIV transmission. There's no need for testing.


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