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new labs, GRRRR!

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Some good news and some bad news....

VL still less than 50
Percentage up to 27
Cholestorol good
CD4 down to 410 from 610 three months ago.

I know that VL is most important.  Just pisses me off, I want those CD4's back!

Hey there.  I don't know enough yet about labs 2 know about the bad news but wanted 2 say congrats on the good part.  From all I have read I know the percentage is really and if that went up then that sounds great.

Wishing U Nothing But The BEST

Percentage is important... you say it's up and if that's the trend, that's great.  Don't worry too much about CD4 fluctuations.  Look at how they've been doing over a range of different labs.  And you're right... low VL means there's less virus replication and your immune system is doing pretty well.

A friend always has CD4 under 50, but undetectable VL.  He's in great health.  He just lost a lot of CD4s during the years when we didn't have any good meds.  But he's fine.

Good luck, and don't think about those numbers too much.


Your'e doing fine. Keep doing what you have been doing and you will be fine. Congratulations! ---Oh and listen to your Doctor's advice.

Hi there

I agree with the guys, as long as your percentage is improving you are doing ok..try not to worry too much about them.

Hope you have a good week.

Jan :-*


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