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Hey everyone I just back from my first Dr's appointment.  I have 2 say I'm glad it's over and I anxiously await the lab results.  They took 12 freaking tubes of blood so at that rate I figure the results should be like a book LOL. 

Blood pressure was 154/101 and when the nurse saw that she seemed really shocked and asked if It was always high but the doc didn't day anthing about it.  I'm not sure even what it is supposed 2 be so although I know it's high I don't know if it is something 2 be overly concerned about or if it was just the stress of the day.

Not sure what I think about the Doc.... He really seemed 2 be in a hurry and although he was more then willing 2 listen 2 and answer my questions it was still at the speed of light and I'm not sure I like that 2 much.  When I asked him if I could email him between appointments or call if I had concerns he was like nope just call the clinic.  I was hoping 2 avoid unnecessary trips down there over me freaking out about this that or the other.  We shall see how it goes. 

I might be part of a research study tracking the virus in people who are newly infected.  So part of my blood draw today will be sent away and they will be able 2 tell me weather or not i contracted it in the past 6 months or not.  If so in the beginning I will go in 4 blood draws every 2 weeks then every 4 then i think it was every 12 then 24 over the next few years.  Again we shall see what the results show on if I'm eligible 2 participate or not.  Hell I spent more time with the research group then I did with my id doc.  That really bothered me and I'm not even sure if it should or not LOL

Anyway just wanted 2 share my day, helps 2 get it off the brain thanks 4 listening/reading


P.S. does anyone know what would be a normal range 4 blood pressure 4 a 30yr old male? thanks

Hey Jag,

Well I'm glad you got your first appointment behind you. I'm not sure about blood could have been high due to nerves and stress. I'm sure they will keep it monitored. Hubby's blood pressure was 130/72 last time he went.

Hubbys Dr is really good. She never seems rushed and always explains everything so we can understand. I know i have called there a few times with questions and i have to leave my name and number and the nurse calls me back. If she cant answer me she will talk to the Dr and call me back. I have never talked to the Dr over the phone but that's fine with me as long as the nurse has talked to the doc.

If you don't feel comfortable with your doc then id try to find one that you do feel at ease with. The doc works for find one you like.

When do you get the results back? Make sure you ask for a copy of your labs. I keep hubbys in a notebook.

Hang in there hon..your doing great!

Hugs JAG
From TAG

Teresa my next appointment isn't until Aug 24th 2 go over ALL of the results.  Doc said all the different tests will be rolling in at different times but that he would try 2 keep me informed as they came in then we can sit down and I guess go in depth about what they all mean. 

I also kind of thought that the blood pressure could have just been due 2 stress, at least I hope it is.



Hey JAG,

That's one good thing done!

I feel that it is important you get a doc whom you trust. I went through a couple before I found one or maybe he found me ;)
I cannot compare with the situation in the states but I appreciate that mine always spends at least an hour with me and occasionaly answers my emails. I like the fact that he wants to be in touch with the other people I see who help me manage the situation, like my shrink, my acupuncturist etc...

I hope your results will be encouraging and that you'll soon find the best people to help you deal with your new status - outside this site that is (here it is more like a small town that is ready to help you, and 24/7 at that, what with the aussies, thais, africans, europeans and all those from the american continent).

Oh, and I thought I'd mention that I am glad you found how to put up your pic :D

stay well,



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