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OK - my situation - way too many drinks in a strip bar in the US - got a lap dance and, like an idiot, let the dancer put my penis inside her vagina for about 20 pumps - freaked and pulled out - the freaked part didn't last long and I let her do it again for about 10 pumps and then picker her up and sat her down beside me.  She was a little dry the second time and irritated a little spot on the ring of my glans.  No condom used during all of this.

So, what do you think about my risks.  This happened only two days ago and I noticed that a qualitative PCR test is available that will provide a result in "most cases" with 48 - 72 hours but some may not test positive for 28 days post exposure.  Does anyone know what the percentages behind "most cases" within 48 - 72 hours? I know I would need to repeat the test after 28 days and also have an Elisa done but some relief or answer regardless of expense would be great quickly if possible.

Of course I am having 3,000 symptoms that I have chalked up to the psychological side of this but am genuinely concerned.  Please no lectures about drinking, sex and strip bars.  I have thouroughly taken care of that. 


First take a deep breathe. Then read the lessons at

Usually an expert responds pretty in the meantime I would get to know the virus.

FYI- 6 weeks ago I had an encounter with a prostitute. My understanding is that you will need to test after 13 weeks to be 100% conclusive according to CDC. Also, a 6 week test might give you some sounds like a long time but it goes quicker then you think. I am at 6 weeks now and it went by fast.......of course not easy.....but fast.

I will let an expert answer your risk question.

Andy Velez:
Here are some basic facts: HIV is not an easy virus to transmit. It is significantly more difficlut to accomplish from female to male. Given what you have described in this single incident the odds remain significantly in your favor against transmission having occured IF the woman you were with is HIV+.

However, low risk is not the same as no risk so you need to learn from this experience. Mixing excessive drinking with casual and unprotected intercourse is a might dangerous combination. Everytime you have unprotected intercourse you are putting your life at risk. It's as stark and as simple as that.

Now you're in a hurry to get some reassurance that you're HIV negative. That's understandable. However, if you are going to do a PCR, the wiser thing to do is to wait 28 days. It's a highly sensitive test. A negative at 28 days is the next-best-thing to an all-clear. That negative should be confirmed by doing a standard HIV test at 13 weeks for a conclusively negative result.

You also need to be aware that because of its high sensitivity the PCR can yield a false positive, although not a false negative. Any positive result should be checked out by re-testing.

Good luck with your result.


Andy, whats the diff between a PCR and Elisa?


Asking a question in someone elses thread is called thread hijacking. 

If you have questions or comments you need only post them in your original thread.

That said, PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests are used to detect the presence of HIV-RNA or DNA in a person's blood. Essentially, the PCR tests are looking for evidence of virus itself and not antibodies. These tests are not FDA approved for diagnostic purposes because of higher rates of false positives when compared to the much more specific antibody tests.

ELISA tests for the presence of hiv antibodies.



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