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Now its my turn for a trip to the vet!

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Have to call the vet today.

My dog Charlie I think has been bit by a spider. Last week she was laying on the floor and all of a sudden she jumped up like she had been shot and looked at me like I had done something to her. I didnt see anything when she got up though. I looked because we have brown recluse spiders.

I noticed over the weekend that her left back nipple was kinda hanging and looked swelled. I looked and she has a sore on it. Her nose was also warm and its always cold. Then i noticed that the nipple on the other side looked kinda swollen and i sorta mashed around it and she had a milky like discharge.

I hope I can get her in today!


Teresa hope your baby is doing ok.

Thanks Jerry

Got in the vet first thing this morning. They think she just scrapped herself and its infected a bit. But they also think she is having a false pregnancy because shes producing milk. They did a sonogram to make sure there wasn't any puppies. Thank heavens theres not.

Shes about 7 yrs old.  Someone dumped her out here in the country. When she found us she was skin and bones and covered in ticks. We fed her and cleaned her up. She is the best doggy. So friendly and loving.

The vet says that after this infection clears up we should get her spayed. Since shes producing milk her hormones are all wacky and it can cause alot of problems.

I'm just glad she didn't get bit by a brown recluse.


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Teresa you fur baby is cute!!! After the Montreal trip I am going to adopt a 6 month female Mini Schnauzer from a local Schnauzer resque organization. The woman that is the Pres of the "club" just moved into our neighboorhood. The Schnauzer I am going to adopt looks just like Oscar only a little smaller. She is living with my neighbors daughter in Nashville right now. they are going to bring her to Jackson in the next few weeks. Her name is Emmie. Emmie belonged to an elderly lady that had to move into a nursing home. Can't wait to spoil her rotten.

(who won't be "childless" much longer)

Hi Teresa,
I am glad to hear Charlie is okay. I think the rescue doggies have a special bond with their forever families.

Dan- Yea! You're getting a new dog. That is wonderful. You have so much love to share. Emmie is very lucky!



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