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I was infected with HIV about 4 years far everything is great except for major anxiety, PTDS, and ADD--all symptoms that I had prior to being HIV positive. Shortly after being diagosed with HIV, my sibling died tragically (she was only 28), and I'm ill-equipped to handle the emotionally stress all of this has brought on, but I'm working on it.

I'm new to Adderall XR (2 months), but it has made a tremendous difference on my quality of life. However, the XR (extended release) goes through my body in about 4 hours, even though the literature claims it lasts 10 -12 hours.

Does anybody else have this problem?

I'm on 20 mg Adderall XR 3 times a day, plus about 1-4 Klonopine (1 mg) a day. I feel great--the best I've ever felt. Also, I take a low dose of Zoloft for the PTSD from my sister's death.

I'd appreciate hearing about somebody else's experiences with this scripts, please.


hi new....20mg XR X 3times a day...OMG...can you sleep?  I take it too...i am supposed to take 2X day but I usually only take it in the mornings before work...i can't sleep or eat on that stuff.

I also take Cymbalta for depression and my PN ( i love this stuff, it works really well for my PN).

When you take your Adderall do you take on an empty stomach or with food?... i notice that if I take it with food it does not work as well for I take it with just my coffee first thing in the morning and eat breakfast about 1 hour later.


what a life:
I take the generic form of Adderall XR a little different but basically the same. I also take Prozac 40mg and welbutron 300mg. This all came about after I found out I was +hiv . They have all worked well for me so far.

My question is do you feel better then ever because it makes you feel high or better then ever in dealing with life and your emotional issues. I was first given valium up to 50mg a day and I felt better then ever for a time. I needed to find professional help to feel better about myself and deal with add. The meds have helped but they have really only taken the sunglasses off at night.

As to your question I take 10mg twice a day and I don't really notice it but I find I focus at work better and my mind is not all over the place. The valium had to go. I find myself forgeting to take the second 10mg because I am focused on my work but forgetting things is nothing new. I do remember but I take it because the doc. told me to do it this way not because I feel anything wearing off.
I hope I have been some help if any   WAL


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