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hey all,
just wondering if any of you guys live near london ,
starting to feel rather bored and alone here in raeding (what is near london) and wouldnt mind having a decent chat to some people over a coffee.
is rather difficult keeping this a secret to most people around me


Don't you mean Reading? Pronounced Redding for any Yanks 'reading' this.

I heard a rumour that an elevator company have an office there.

You call and they answer the phone " Hello Otis Redding".

There is also a Lift company called Schindlers. True!

I belong to a hetero group called Str8Talk in London if that's your bag.


hey Aldous,

yes , i did mean Reading, just me being a bit tired and not paying much attention to writing / typing mistakes. hehe.
1 question though, does it make a difference if you are gay or straight to join that group?


Hi sorry about the delay.

Well the group was set up to fill the gapping void in social support for poz heterosexuals in London.

The article in Postive Nation last Feb 'Straight From The Hip' which can be read online, spells it out.

The most important thing we state is that 'If none of the other groups suit you them come to Str8Talk, we turn no one away'.

I got roasted by the PC brigade when I gave an honest account of the practicalities of being straight white and poz in London. When I tried to explain that there are many groups that deal with the immigration issues and access to treatment problems of our Commonwealth Cousins and gay men but there was not even a token group for us. I thought that in the biggest city in Europe this stunk to high heaven.

I really don't know where some of detractors get off. How on earth does it affect them if we choose to help ourselves and even follow their lead?

I think the best thing about the group is that only poz people can attend, including the two facilitators. We have a good number of black women who have become assimilated into British culture. We even have a Lesbian lady who fits in fine. Her stories about the reaction of nurses to her being a poz lesbian will have you in fits.

So if you like a good laugh and don't dodge your round in the pub then I personally have no problem. My only reservation could be from others who could take the view that if gay you are encroaching on their turf. I write this as that is how I feel I have been percieved just from entering this forum.

The next meeting is at the Lighthouse West on Weds 2nd Aug.

I'm surprised some of the London based gay posters have not forwarded a similar invitation. Like the saying goes. 'There's nowt as queer as folk'.


hi hugo,
if you are in reading, Thames Valley Positive Support are on your patch. They have main centre in Burnham(slough)01628 603400 but also a new centre Oxford Rd reading - (0118) 9503375. they do all the usual stuff, support groups, drop in...

here is link, hopefully, to a bit more about them

THT also have a remit to provide service access to people living in under-resourced areas, even if they're not within catchment boundaries. So if there's something specific you need, give em a call, n they should in theory, be able to help.



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