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How many of you take anti-depressants?

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I was on Prozac about 15 years ago when I first partner died from lymphoma but Prozac caused me awful insomnia so I wasn't on anything again until a year ago when I was diagnosed with PML.  So I've been on Zoloft now for just a little over a year and I tolerated it just fine.

Taking Lexapro for about a month now.

I've taken antidepressants for many years.   Sometimes, I wonder why I bother, I feel like they don't do much good.

Right now, I'm on Wellbutrin XL 300 mg, have been on that for several years.  Today, the psych. added Prozac, so we'll see if I feel better in a couple of weeks.



I take 25 mg of Elavil to help with my quality of sleep, but that's about it.  Otherwise I've very even tempered and in good spirits. 

Woohoo, first post !

What exactly counts as an anti-depressant?  I know about the SSRIs, but I'm thinking somewhere in my education I learned that the "pams" (Valium, Xanax, Ativan, etc.) were also anti-depressants.  Or is that just my twisted mind thinking that they can be called that because they can make you just forget everything you're feeling?


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