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How many of you take anti-depressants?

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I've tried about nine different antidepressants, I think.  Now I'm stabilized on:

Trazodone:  450 mg/day
Xanax XR:    0.5 mg/day
Celexa:        20 mg/day

Oh, and since I live in San Francisco, there's also medical cannabis.  Trust me, it does wonders for anxiety.  It's the only thing that can really make me forget about HIV.

started Lexapro shortly after being diagnosed + and it really helped - snapped me out of a huge hole I was falling into, but made it so damn difficult to cum I couldn't wait to get off the stuff.  Tried adding Welbutrin to counteract the sexual side effects, but it just made me more anxious and didn't help at all.  Finally went off about 2 mo ago and doing fine.  Hub started taking it and helped him w/no side effects

I started Celexa (citaloram) at 10mg. and it  seems to be helping better than Wellbutrin. I take it in the morning because it tends to create sleep issues which I already have (Lunesta for sleep). My partner switched from Wellbutrin to Celexa too. It seems to be helping him quite a bit too. Better living thru pharmacuticals and retail therapy.

I've been on paxil 10mg for almost 2 months, they even it all out.
I take trazadone (25-200mgs, depends on my day) to sleep at night, lately been skipping them.
I take ativan 1-2 mg for situations or dramas (long car trips, extra stressfull times)
i also go to therapy, worry about just taking drugs withought counseling

i'm not happy about taking the drugs and therapy, feel i should be able to 'fix myself'...but a series of events: middle age, bad numbers, bad relationship kinda all hit me at once...i also have been holding a lot of stuff in for years and years that are starting to surface  - no fun

i don't want to be one of the people who go to therapy for decades and go thru the whole alphabet of drugs, i'll try to stay hopeful that this current combo will help.

my hiv med is atripla, i know it has some side effects on sleep/dreams, other than some trippy days, i've been ok - hard to tell what is really doing what to my fragile little mind

don't feel bad if you are taking drugs to get your life on track, the options seem to be drinking or street drugs and i've yet to see those self treatments end well

good luck


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