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If you only had 2 more months 2 live?

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I considered first in which forum I should post this and came to the conclusion that this question is a valid question for the living with forum.

The question is simple: What would you do if you found out you only had 2 months 2 live?

Well you certainly got my attention! I may be wrong or being a bit overly cautious but you may want to rethink the thread title, with this being a living with hiv/aids forum. Just an idea...

It's just that I read the title, thought 'What? Oh no!', then opened the thread with dread in my stomach and then read it and thought 'Phew!' but 'Hmmm, that was very worrying for a split second...unnecessarily!'

And it totally threw me for an answer to your question... ???


No, I do not wish to re-think, with all due respect. ' Living with hiv'  after much consideration is the right place for this thread. This message could be given to any one of us. Having hiv and being on Ha art are 2 things which could lead to cancer or a number of things which can take ones health even faster than aids itself.

I understand this is a hard theme. I found answering this for me was quit empowering.

It's not the theme that was/is jarring.

It's the title of this thread.

 Given the precarious health of many of our members, and with vivid memories of those who have left for the grave, I found it pretty insensitive. Melia was really trying to be helpful with her suggestion.


As I do not wish to be insensitive I will try to remove this.

My motivation is to really find out what different people would do in this situation.

I have my reasons. but do apologise if I have been insensitive.


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