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What not to hear while in the hospital

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"Your CD4 has dropped Bob.......yea doc, did I hit 50, it's 8"  I cant get that out of my head.  I just got home from being in the hospital for a week, mainly for a 10,000 mile checkup, as my doc so kindly puts it, and I am so losing it here.  I will meet Friday with the doc when all the results are in.  The list of infections from the upper and lower GI, escape me as I only heard benign, and your pancrease has major concerns.  The MRI's of the brain, and neck adds a neurologist to the list of doc's.  "your wasting is accelerated..."  The EMG..."did you leave your reflex's at home"  You HIV coordinator says "I didn't see the lab, but your chart is marked clearly with CD4=8"...."another geno to verify the first"...yadda...yadda....yadda
 I don't know sometimes what gives us all the strength to keep fighting this battle, but thank god we can....

God never gives  you more than he knows you can handle. He must think you are an incredibley strong human being honey. I'm praying for you

Bob  sorry for the bad news.....I was once in a similiar situation......CD count=2    VL=100,000+  family told not expect longer than weekend for life to end........that was in 1994... I am still here  cd=400  vl= undetectable...

Dr  put me on aggressive HAART ....took only available meds at time  ....but changed as new items came available....hang in there  there is hope and new items/drugs available every week..your magic combination is out there


Bob, Nick certainly provides something encouraging to consider.  I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, it's times like these when we really all need each other for support.


Dear Bob,
Please just try to do your best and hang in there. I know that more often than not that's easier said than done. Just know that you will be in my prayers and thoughts.
I care so much and it hurts me to know that a fellow survivor  is in "dire straits".

Sending strong positive energy your way and wamest wishes for a speedy recovery!

Peace & Love,





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