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--- Quote from: pozniceguy on July 23, 2006, 01:53:53 PM ---[in part]  ...They think it will somehow reflect on them or maybe subconsciously think they can catch it from short no one wants to be around "sick" people...


--- End quote ---

Just want to say I appreciate the comments you guys have made to this subject.  I think you're right Nick in your perceptions.  Additionally, maybe it makes them uncomfortable because they think they might end up the same way some day. 

Anyway, if I was trying to go to bed with these guys, I could better understand it.  We all have preferences and that's human.  But it's harder to understand when we're talking (platonic) friends.  One would think guys with the virus, healthy or not, might as a consequence have some empathy for others with it.

Now I'm not saying that the reason someone may not want to be friends has to necessarily be due to appearance...there can be  lots of other factors which operate.  Yet there have been some for which there could be no other logical explanation.

Hope I don't sound whiney as that's not my intention.  I'm a strong person in my way.  I remember before my appearance was never off-putting to me if someone had wasting or lipoatrophy.  So at least I'm not a hypocrite...LOL.

Lastly...what's kind of ironic is in the aftermath of my having wasting, I truly learned to love myself.



My ex-wife in a fit of anger and hostility said she "couldn't stand seeing my sickly face!"  It would be that bad but she said in front of our son at the dinner table.  :o

Later during our divorce trial, her attorney accused me of having "cosmetic surgery" and "squandering marital assets!"  She also petitioned the courts to have me placed in jail so as not to continue with costly treatments. 

Talk about rejection!  ...


Miss Philicia:
That's just awful Bill.  You should be happy she's out of your life.

Frankly I've seen who is actually my friend and who is not.  I have a (or was) close friend that I suspect I don't see that often, though we still converse on the phone, that is perhaps subconsciously due to this situation of being out in gay society with my facial Scarlet Letter.  Either that or he's been "very busy" the last few years.  I always ponder that perhaps I'm being overly sensitive or inventing the situation in my head but I don't think so in this case.

Fortunately I have other friends for whom this is not an issue at all.  And also thankfully my parents, while aware of the medical facts behind lipo, never make me feel self-conscious about it at all.  I hate having my photograph taken in family settings though.  Makes me want to cry when I see the end result.

I see some real tense rejection here and that is only the obvious type..the "avoiding you" type is usually harder to see...I seldom allowed my picture to be taken over the past 5 years......even a good workover with  the PHOTOSHOP computer software  couldn't make it much better....I am not a sales person for Sculptra...but I have had my 5th treatment now and am almost back 10 years....doesn't help skinny legs/arms but face is looking good  ( aw shucks  ;D)  I have one more treatment  and then follow up over the next two years.....If the Dr team will allow me I will copy the "official"  before/after photos.......taken under medical /lab conditions no attempt to "flatter" in any way  not just snapshots....and share with anyone interested

Those of you with late stage ( I was stage 5) Lypo  may qualify either through the manufacturer or one of your clinics to have this done.  for low or no cost...there is some hope in Calif and New York that Insurance will pay ,  hopefully this will spread  as "reconstructive  not cosmetic  procedure.

Rejection of any kind hurts but this is especially hurtful when "friends" and others who have been around you start to avoid you


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