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To me...the most challenging part of lipoatrophy is people's (and I mean other poz gay men's) reactions.  I think there have been guys who didn't even want to pursue friendships with me because of it.  Most will not tell you it's because of what you look like...though I had one that did once...naturally it really upset me to hear it.

My question is...have others on this board experienced rejection from other poz guys due to their appearance...either expressed or implied? 


Gary you are more than correct

..not just other Gay men/women  but "friends and family"  If you tell them what it is and why they think it will somehow reflect on them or maybe subconsciously think they can catch it from short no one wants to be around "sick" people.  I have had another POZ person ( not gay) let it be known that he doesn't want to be seen with me because of the impression the severe Lypo had on my looks..we share the same Dr ...  I have now had 4 Sculptra treatments and scheduled for two more...It will be interesting to see if he continues the same reaction now that I look almost  "normal" in the face....


Yup, Gary--I have had that happen many times---It usually comes from younger guys ( I am 50) and it hurts but then again its like an addiction that you cant get rid of, this disease, AIDS--so it just keeps comin back to roost


I dont know any gay people(excluding here) but I sure get a lot of funny looks. Every time I see my parents they want me to see some kind of specialist for my hump and fat neck. This summer they were asking about the veins in my legs. OH, and everyone loves swollen parotid glands. I dont care who you,if you arent effected by looking in the mirror and seeing a person you dont recognize you are very special.
Show up at a business meeting,wedding,or funeral unable to button your shirt or wear a jacket cause of the hump and neck thing. Bummer.


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