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Swallow semen of an HIV positive. I am worry

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Dear advisers,

I have just heard from my lover a very bad news. He has been tests with two a positive tests. I went home this January and I had sex with him. We just kissed, mastubated and finally he put his penis in my mouth and ejaculated. I swallowed all his ejaculation. At that time he did not know he had been infected but just 1 month after (in February) he donnated blood and the screening result showed positive. He had another test 1 week after that and it showed postive too. The doctor confirmed that he was infected with HIV. He did not let me know until now because he thought I may get mad and could not concentrate on my recent exams in the UK.

I am sure that all the semen I got in my mouth had HIV viruses because he had infected before we had sex.

I did not give him oral sex, just suddently he put the penis in my mouth and I got all the semen. he did not give me oral sex. We did not have any anal sex.
My mouth was not sored and did not have problem at that time but I had eaten some tamerine, which was a bit irritated my mouth before I had sex with him. I also brush my teeth before the sex.

I wonder if I could be infected or not?

I am in the Uk now, and I worry so much for myself, for my love relationship and for my lover's health.

I tried to keep confident and calm my lover down. I ordered a self test kit from America at It will arrive to the UK this Monday or Tuesday. I do not know if it is reliable or not.

Could you please help us? What could I do now?

I thank you very much for your advice.



The good news is, it would be very unusual for you to become infected in this way.  Receiving oral sex is no risk, and performing (as in your case) is very low risk (and that's taking into account the fact that he is hiv positive). 

While this encounter is very low risk, it isn't NO risk.  That said, normally I wouldn't even recommend testing over this incident, but if your anxiexty level won't leave you alone, then test at 6 weeks post exposure. 

A negative result (which I fully expect you to recieve) would still have to be followed up with a 13 week test to be conclusive.

Use condoms for penetrative (anal or vaginal) sex, and you will avoid hiv infection. 

But let me repeat, it would be very rare and unusual for you to become infected in this manner.  The mouth is a very inhospitible place for hiv infection to occur.  Saliva actually acts to inhibit hiv infection.


Morgan are you an expert now? Could you please look back at my post and make a comment. It would be appreciated. Thank you Thomas.

Andy Velez:
Hi Cub,

I am sorry that your partner has tested negative. I'll say more about that but first let's address your concern.

You should get tested at 13 weeks after the most recent unprotected incident. We recommend always using an FDA-approved test. The one you have chosen is NOT FDA-approved. I suggest that you contact any HIV/AIDS service organization in your area and ask which test they recommend using.

As for your risk, giving oral is at the lower end of the risk scale. It's a bit higher if ejaculation takes place but still overall not considered to be high risk. Nevertheless, in the future I suggest you avoid having him ejaculate in your mouth and of course if you guys have intercourse whoever is the insertive partner must wear a latex condom every time. No exceptions.

There are many thousands of sero-dystonic couples worldwide, both gay and straight, who are having good lives together including sexually while protecting the status of the negative partner. You guys can learn to do that as well. It means consistently following some simple guidelines as I have mentioned above.

It's a challenging time to get through after your partner has learned he's positive. But you guys can do it. Keep your communications with each other as simple, direct and honest as you can. You will each likely have all sorts of feelings and thoughts about this new situation. You can maintain the intimacy in your relationship and even deepen it by talking honestly with each other.

You both might look into the Living with HIV section for information and further support. There are also some lessons which I think you might both find useful.

As for yourself, hopefully you will test negative. The important thing is that you are getting tested which is the smartest thing for you to do. We'll keep our fingers crossed for you. Keep us posted on how you're doing.



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