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experience with an Exhibitionist in the toilet


Hi Expert,

This is happened just now. I went to the toilet. While standing in front of urinoir row, the man beside me was showing his penis. He masturbated by himself using his right hand. I was curious and look at his penis (erection). Suddenly he grabbed my penis and touched my glands using his palm. He touched tip of my penis near the urethra.

I learn from the lesson that HIV can be transmitted through membrane permeable, e.g. through the urethra.
He touched my gland penis for less than 5 seconds, I think it was just about 2 or 3 seconds. Aware the possibility of HIV transmission, I asked him to release his hand from my penis and I cleaned up my penis using water. He did not ejaculated, so I did not see any visible amount of sperm on his palm. I am worry that there was precum on his palm get in contact with my urethra while he grabbed my penis.

Please advise, whether that was a risk?
Do I need HIV test for this incident?


You had NO risk what so ever...

Andy Velez:
Essentially this was a variation on mutual masturbation. This very common sexual activity has never resulted in any confirmed cases of transmission and it's safe to say you won't make history by becoming the first.

There's no cause for further concern nor for testing in relation to this incident.

I do recommend that you read the lesson on this site about transmission so that you're down with the basics about transmission. That way you will be able to protect your health, enjoy your sexuality and be spared the kind of unnecessary worry you've been experiencing over this incident.



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