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Uridine !! Need some more info.


hi there , I am new here and wanted you to share with me someof your uridine experiense, as a matter of fact, what is the difference between uridine , Citicoline  and nucleomax ? I read on pepole who took it and it he;ped them , even read about this guy who gave it to his dog while his dog has a cancer and suffered from massive weight of mussle and it helped his dog , the thing is I am now on viread+videx+kaletra, none of these are the combi for this product but I did took zerit for quite long and I did hed about this person who started with uridine after cutt off the zerit and still it helped him. Also , what else can be done in order to make my legs look bigger? should i start weight training (i am a woman 32 years old), i am planing on doing liposuction from upper arms and back , did anyone here did it ? I would love to get from you any somment, suggestion , thoughts ..
Thanks all,

Some sad girl  :'(out there in the middle east ...

Panda... I'm just beginning to look for uridine info (price, stores, etc) but am responding now with regard to your legs.  You might find the same success that I've found with a particular machine at most gyms... the elpitacal stepper... especially the type that allows your to raise or lower the incline level as well as the resistance level.  I'm small-bodied so I set my machine (by Precor) to a mild resistance level (4), which allows me to do a full 30 minutes on that machine every other day.  This tones the leg & buttock muscles real well for me.  It may help you out as well.  Great for lowering lipid levels, too.  You'll have to determine your own best settings on whichever machine your use.


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