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Read about this in some health mag. Anyone taking this Acai stuff and like to share the experience? Seems it has very high antioxidants.



PS: Appears this was also discussed on the Oprah Show as one of the Top 10 superfoods.

I was introduced to acai while visiting Rio de Janeiro earlier this year. I had no idea what it was or it's healthful properties at he time, other than our guide saying it promoted  strong erections. I had it with tapioca and it was delicious. I've bought some frozen acai for smoothies but have not tried it yet.

GSO...What about the "strong erections" in terms of your trying it?

Hi all-

I'm conducting a trial on the effects of the Acai Berry and it's relevence to the improvement of HIV infected individual's CD4/T-cell counts in addition to achieving and retaining the "undetectable" status of one's viral load. When I finish it and I have all the lab results in from the trial period, which is looking pretty damn good, I will post all the information. And just so you know, I am doing a trial that will show the effects while consuming the acai berry and also what happens when you stop and then you start back on it. And when I'm done, if you're convinced by the results, those of you that want can try for yourself free of charge from me personally and if you like it we can talk about reasonable prices should any of you want to buy my "miracle potion". Its not Acai Berries specifically but a drink made primarily of Acai Berry but with other fruits.....and it tastes good. I will post all information on the drink itself as well.



--- Quote from: boylikertampa on July 28, 2006, 04:47:53 PM ---GSO...What about the "strong erections" in terms of your trying it?

--- End quote ---

I did have a strong erection later that night but honestly it could have been because I was on vacation in Rio or a placebo effect.


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