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Zoloft??? anybody?

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Just started Zoloft on the recomondation of my doctor. Anyone have any comments regarding side effects and heads up on when to regulary take them, night or in the morning. Thanks for your comments.

Hi Jeff,

I'm currently on Zoloft and for me Zoloft Rocks. I'm on 100mg and I have virtually no side effects except for the highly reported sexual side effect. I think they call it "retarded ejaculation" or something like that. It doesn't affect penile function, it jsut takes forever to ejaculate, if at all.  But for me Zoloft has been the most tolerable of everything I've been on. I take it at night because it's relaxation effect helps me sleep. But I started out taking it in the morning and didn't see any side affects from that either. So hopefully you will have just as good experience on it as I do.

Good Luck :)


I was on lexapro and after awhile it didnt work for me anymore.
So I ask my dr for something new, and she gave me zoloft..Only on it for 4 weeks now,
I guess I have to give it sometime.

She did recommend remoron but I just lost 14 lbs and I dont want to be on a pill that makes me way...

Now she also gave me trazadone because I dont sleep well at nightime, and I going in this monday, to get off the trazadone...I feel like a zombie, and when it takes effect,
I can move my arms and see shadows in steps of my hands moving..its weird so I am
getting off that crap..

We just have to go back to the drawing board and see what else she can give me.
I was on ambien, but I was eating in my sleep. So that had to go..

What to do now...we shall see on monday, then Ill get back to this topic..otay spanky ;)

Wow, I was on Trazadone for awhile but I had to bail on it becasue of the same weird effects, shadows, slow motion weird stuff.  :o

wow, seems like some of you folks have doctors who are a bit agressive with the psychotropics, just for the record, Remeron is typically used on label for persons with psychotic disorders or conditions like bipolar disorder sometimes, Lexapro is also used for more substantial sorts of concerns, but good ole hey im depressed, which is often a by product of ANY chronic condition (hey ya, screws with your seratonine and what not) can and is typically treated (as far as best practices are concerned) by the use of a low dosage of SSRI (antidepressant) such as paxil (whoa gain weight), prozac (hey it got a bad rap), zoloft (check and MY HERO  :D) having said all that, I would REALLY like to me the guy who thinks delayed ejaculation is a problem, oh oops, did he mean for him  :P maybe i should lace my date's drink with it, hehe. you folks take care, Z


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