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Michael Landon

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I have been watching reruns of Little House on the Prairie.  LOL ok, Im outted as a Little House fan.

Anyway, I always thought Michael Landon was attractive.  But Ive noticed in reruns that his shirt is off many times during the course of the series. DAMN!  I didnt realize that man was so buff.  Goodlooking indeed.

If all the men in Walnut Grove look that good, then I wouldnt mind being on Little 'Whore'House on the Prairie.


Maybe many of you are too young to know who he is. LOL

Oh Jeff,

I entertained fantasies about Michael Landon in my boyhood, which I guess makes me at least as old as you are. I thought he had a nice face too, except when he smiled and it contorted into a monkey's mask. LOL


I preferred him in the earlier years when his hair was shorter.  But yes I thought his face was very handsome and he had some hot chest on him.  Great looking man and I fantasized about him as well.

I always had a think for young Albert.   :-*



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