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Well since I was diagnosed with AIDS and not HIV does that mean I can SSDI or SSI? I work part-time and I don't even make 800 dollars a month. Just a question. You can PM if you want if you don't want to talk about it in an open forum. Plus I'm a college student so you know how that goes. LOL. And I've missed like 2 almost 3 weeks of work and I am sooooo behind. If anyone can help thanks very much! Oh yea I'm in Ohio. And I thank God that I can work so I'm not trying to get over but I do need a little help.

Thanks for understanding

If your doctor will sign off on the paper work you would be able to apply. In Ohio, unless you've had an OI or other problems with HIV they will not sign off. Unless you are able to live on what you get from SSI, then going on disability isn't the best move. SSDI pays a lot more than SSI.

I agree with RapidRod. SSI gives about $654 per month, then some states subsidize and give a little more. Not sure of the exact amounts, just an approximation.
SSDI pays alot more, when you have a work history, part of your deductions in your pay check are for Social Security.
I'm in NY, so things are a bit different here.
I am on SSDI, by choice, not by being to ill to work.
I have a 25 year work history, therefore I got SSDI. I hired Binder & Binder to fight my case, yes I was denied the 1st time I applied. They won it for me in 3 months. It has been 2 years now, so I now get medicare part a & b, and I have Atena Rx Plan of NY.
Medicare cost $96.40 per month, but it is worth it. I pay $0.00 for my med's , and $0.00 for ANY doctor I go to.
You are welcome to P.M. me if you have any other questions about this, or anything else for that matter.
 Be well.

I've been on SSDI since 1994, but that was when they kind of "moved things through" for people who were diagnosed with AIDS.  I'm not sure exactly what the process is like today, though I've heard it can be grouling.  I was denied the first time, but put right through when I appealed. 

I do know that it's not a good idea to work if you're going to apply; even part-time.  The disability board will most definitely turn you down for that.  Once on disability though, there's a certain amount you can make in a month without them cutting you off.  Although I hear that if you do that, they review your case more often.

If you think that's what you want to do, you should talk to your doctor and see what he/she thinks.  That would be the place I would start.  Without a good report from a doctor, you really don't have a chance.

Back in 2005 when I looked into it, they sounded like you already could not be working. They said when I stopped working, then apply.
Also, I read if you have hiv plus one of the related infections that usually goes with it, like PCP or KS cancer or one of the others, then you
could get ss disability. I had one ks spot back then, but was still working. Meds cleared up any KS issues and the spot went away on meds,
so I guess I no longer qualify via an OI.
I shoud have went on SS disability right away back then, Would have been $1600 a month. Now, Im too healthy.  ;)  Not that Im complaining.


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