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Wish The Lights Would Come On

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Just a note to say hi and to ask for your thoughts.  The big storms hit here on Wednesday and we have been without any power since then.  Right now I am at a Kinkos checking email.  Most of St. Louis is still knocked out and the latest estimates are 475,000 homes still offline.  They estimate another three days without power, maybe more. 
The first two days were the worst when temps were above 100.  Yesterday wasn't too bad and today they say it should only get to be 85 or so.  It is pretty hard to live like this and without a hotel room available within a 50 mile radius theres really nothing you can do.  Nights are the worst because I have no place to plug in my sleep apnea machine so I can't sleep without my body jarring itself awake every couple of minutes to breathe.

Some family invited me to stay with them because they do have power but on the condition I did not bring my honey with me.  Easy choice there.  In their mind it was noble to ask me to be comfortable but not my gay lover.  Good ole Midwest Christian values at work again.
I am washing some clothes in the sink.  The fast food places are packed and you cant find a bag of ice anywhere.  At night we go in the back yard cause its so dark back there and just stay under the hose for an hour or so to stay cool.  Sounds crazy huh?  lol
Well, I better go.  Hope all of you are Cool and Plugged In!

Oh I so feel your pain. We had one of those storms in Memphis a few years back...also in July. All of the city without power for a week to two weeks. Makes you realize how vulnerable you really are. Hang in there.


I feel for ya I really do. We lost power a couple of yrs ago and the bad thing about our house is its in the county..all when we lose power we lose everything including water as our pump is electric. So no toilets.

I hope they get the power on to you real soon!


That's sounds really hard. Hope you get the power restored soon, and most of all that you're keeping safe and sound through this nightmare.


Hal, Teresa, and Daniel!

I just got home and what do you know!  LIGHTS and A/C!   I feel blessed as there are still a few hundred thousand without power.  Thanks so much for your positive thoughts and encouragement.  We are running out to get a pizza and stopping by Blockbuster!  It's celebration time!  Love you guys.


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