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AMG06 - Side trip to Quebec City - Sunday, August 20th.

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The Canuck:
Hello everyone,

A few months ago we proposed a side trip to Quebec City during the Montreal AMG 06 Gathering. Back then there was no firm date concerning this trip. For giving the chance to everyone to attend since several persons are leaving on the 21st, we thought it would be best to make this trip on Sunday, August 20th.

We are aware the scheduled will be pretty busy on the previous days so you have the possibility to do the side trip to Quebec City or simply take the day off. This is really up to you.

Proposed scheduled for that day would be :

depart from Montreal at 10:30 am - arrival in Quebec City at 1:00 pm
depart from Quebec City at 7:00 pm - arrival in Montreal at 9:30 pm

Now we have a firm date, it would very helpful for us to know approximatively the number of persons who wants to make the side trip to Quebec City. You are invited to use this space for letting us know.


The Canuck
(Your tour guide )

P.S. We are open for changing the hours of departures and/or arrival. Let us know what you would like.

So far we have those names from the '' old forum ''. If there's an error in the list then let me know and will modify it. I will also add the new names on the list below for keeping track of everyone who wants to do this side trip.

Claude (1)
Jan & Jen (2)
Rick & Thom (2)
Jody (1)
Herman & ? (2)
Trish & John (2)
Tim (1)
Shane (1)
Robert (1)
David_NC & partner (2)
Gary (1)
Bailey & Jen (2)
Cliff (1)
RAB (1)
Alanbama (1)
Stephen & Joe (2)
Andy Velez (1)

Total =  24

Bailey and Jen (my friend) will be going.  We will be driving ourselves following ya'll as she is skittish about letting other people drive (she's crazier than I am)

The Canuck:

I added you both on my list.  ;)

The Canuck

My information is still correct.  Looking forward to it.

Gary  :D

Add me to the list: Jerry


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