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PLease help me! handjob with intentional infection!


Dear Experts,

Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to all experts and members here for their great hearts!

Although I have read the Transmission Lesson for several times,but my scenario is quite complicated! I am living in a country which HIV/AIDS has been considered to be very "dirty". And what i have learnt from school is not enough..

Last night, I was involved in an stupid incident.

We had a party,I drank a lot of beer.Then my friends called some girls to entertain us.

 I invited a girl to come to my room. She offered the vaginal intercourse, but I refused, I allowed her to give me the handjob.

She used some oil taken from the bottle in her bag to do handjob. I am so careful that I checked her hands and her fingers to make sure that she has no bleeding wins on her hand. Then I allowed her to perform the handjob until I ejaculate.

That story seems to be simple,but I have told my friends today,he said that that girl is very cruel. He has been told that she always intentionally infect her customers with STD and even HIV while performing vaginal sex.

But I said that I only get handjob.He said the bottle of oil could be infected with HIV( he think that the girl had poured blood into that bottle then used that infected fluid to infect me).

Is my friend's thought TRUE in the real world of HIV transmission? IF I received handjob only,and the girl wanted to infect me, what did she do to infect me?Is the possbile blood from the bottle transmissible?

Dear Experts, Is this circumstance a risk of HIV infection? I have read the LESSON, but I think my story is quite complicated. Could you rate my risk? I am very scared....
Thanks a lot, EXPERTS,

Dear Experts,

I am scared,so scared and lonesome! Could you give me your assessment?

I mean that the girl use oil based lubricants to peform handjob. But I afraid that she could pour fresh blood into that bottle to infect me.

Does HIV live in the bottle of oil based lubricants for 15 minutes?

Thanks a lot in advance,

Black Winter Day


Even if there WAS hiv in this oil, there is NO WAY you would have become infected from it. NO WAY. Even masturbation using hiv positive semen as a lube is not a risk for hiv infection.

Hiv is a very fragile virus that quickly becomes damaged once it is outside the human body. This is why hiv is primarily transmitted during UNPROTECTED anal or vaginal INTERCOURSE.

Use condoms for anal or vaginal intercourse, correctly and consistently, no matter who you're with, and you will avoid hiv infection. It really is that simple. Read through all three condom and lube links in my signature line so you can use them correctly and with confidence.

You had NO risk when being masturbated. NO RISK.



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