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worried also, please reply soon....

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OK,high risk(as i think) woman gave me unprotected blow job, i know that there is a very small chance to get infected orally but right before me she gave unprotected blow job to another man(high risk man also as i  think) and she swallowed his sperm. so assuming some of his sperm was still in her mouth when she gave me oral is that possible to get infection if there is an infection in his sperm?

OK.........there is really almost no risk from this incident.  I think people are becoming confused with the idea of designating something as "virtually" no risk.  You see, blowjobs are about as low on the spectrum of risk as you can go, besides "NO RISK" activitites.  There is always a "theoretical" risk involved with blowjobs, but there is also a "theroretical" risk of you being eaten alive by a wild mountain lion at exactly 3:30 PM today too.  See my point?  Extremely not likely, you didnt get HIV from this experience.

Saluki, I don't know where you've sprang from, but your information is incorrect and I am asking you to refrain from giving advice on this forum.


Getting a blowjob is NOT a risk for hiv infection. Not one person in the entire history of this pandemic has become infected with hiv through getting a blowjob and you will not be the first.


Bottom line: You did not get HIV from this incident.  I'd like to take a moment to post a few excerpts from various websites backing up my information.  This latest responder to your question, while basically correct, failed to back up any of her information with scientific fact.

What Are the Risks of Oral Sex?

Oral to Penis Contact
Theoretical Risk:Performing oral sex or "giving a blow job" carries a theoretical risk of transmission for the receptive partner because infected pre-ejaculate ("pre-cum") fluid or semen (cum) can get into the mouth. Any open sores, cold sores, etc. can be a route by which the virus or bacteria can enter the bloodstream and infect. For the insertive partner there is a theoretical risk of infection because infected blood from a partner's bleeding gums or an open sore could come in contact with a scratch, cut, or sore on the penis.

This is a quote from THIS OWN VERY WEBSITE!!

 Even more importantly, there hasn't been a single documented case of HIV transmission to an insertive partner (the person being "sucked") during unprotected oral sex, either among MSM or heterosexuals.

Is insertive oral sex a possible route of HIV transmission? Yes. But is it a documented risk? Absolutely not.

So, as you see.........IN THEORY, you could have been exposed to HIV.  Did you contract it? NO!

I addition, just like to reiterate...............I didn't post this information with an intent to confuse.  For all intents and purposes Mike, you did not get HIV from this incident, and if you did the same thing again 400 times, you probably wouldnt either.  My point is, there is, while alarmingly small, a fraction of risk.  I think people are here, out of convienience, just telling people there is ABSOLUTELY NO RISK in activities that carry a, albeit small, risk.  It's easier to do that than to take time to explain the accurate level of risk involved.  Instead of telling someone there is a .000000000000000001 risk of contracting HIV, they'd rather save time and say NO RISK, put your mind at ease so they dont have to waste time explaining it to you.  Well, small or not, some people would choose to not take ANY risk, no matter how miniscule, and deserve accurate info to make that decision.  Thank you. 


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