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Getting a BJ with a Cut

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Hi everyone,

First of all, thanks for providing this service.
I just have one question. Is there any risk at all, or have any cases been documented where a man contracted the HIV virus from receiving a blow job and having a minor abrasion on his penis? I had a very brief (5 seconds or so) encounter where a stripper had the tip of my penis in her mouth about 10 days ago, and it has caused me some anxiety, mostly because I'm married. I've told my wife about the incident. At this point, I just want to be sure that I cannot pass HIV onto her. I've had no other outside affairs for four years, just this once. Is it even a possibility that I could have the virus? I'm sure in the grand scheme of things, this question sound ridiculous to some of you, but I am not that knowledgeable and am a bit worried.

Thank you all again!


Getting a blowjob, cuts and abrasions or no cuts and abrasions, is NOT a risk for hiv infection. Never has been, never will be. Not one person has EVER become infected from getting a blowjob and you will NOT be the first.

You did not have a risk for hiv infection.


Thanks for your response Ann.

The only thing that made me really concerned was that one week after this event, and just before I talked to my wife about it, I broke out in a sunburn like rash around my neck and on my face. there are no bumps, just red, itchy, irritated skin. Of course, my mind began to wander to possibilities of ARS.


The rash you describe is nothing like the rash that sometimes accompanies ARS. It sounds more like an allergic reaction to something. If you get it again, show it to your doctor for a definite diagnosis.

You didn't have a risk for hiv infection so you're not going to experience any symptoms of ARS. No risk, no ARS.


I'm confident that it's not ARS thanks to you. However, I have to go to a doctor for this (it's like a neverending sunburn). I wanted to know if you thinki I need to inform my doc of this episode with the BJ. I've had no other symptoms of any STI, and this rash doesn't appear to be a symptom of any others. I guess I'm worried I will not receive the same treatment if the doctor knows about this incident.



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