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infected tit..... Yuck!!

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Not to make you all feel ill or anything, just wanted to ask if any of you have had this happen to you. About two nights ago I somehow in my sleep ran my ring over a nipple and it fucking hurt so bad I woke-up. Now I'm not sure if it had already been infected and that's why it hurt so bad or if I maybe cut myself on the nipple in my sleep.

The next morning it was sensitive but not swollen. At about 16:00 when I got off from work, it really hurt and felt like someone was pinching me on the nipple. I went to our locker-room in the hotel and took my shower then changed out of my suit into my street clothes and noticed in the mirror my entire left nipple was swollen and the entire tip WHITE like a pimple head....... I know you are thinking ewwww YUCK!! gag me with y spoon!! It gets better, Then I popped it and so muchhhhhh puss came out then blood I just don't think this is normal. Of course at home I sanitized it and nurse it 2 a day with a clean bandage. The swelling has gone down and no more puss. I just hope this never happens again.

Has this ever happened to any of you?? This is not a sign of cancer is it?? My mother died 6 years ago of breast cancer so this kind of freaks me out!!

Although this topic is yeah really yucky I would be happy to get a respose is you have any info for me.




That does indeed sound very odd and if I were you I'd get it checked out. It sounds to me as though something was already going on with it before you snagged it with your ring - ordinarily something like that should not have hurt so much that it woke you up.

It could be an ordinary pimple - are you prone to them anyway? I'd get it checked out. Better safe than sorry.

Hope it turns out to be nothing...


Thankyou Ann,

I just did a google about breast cancer and am not to happy about what I found out about nipple discharge.

Thanxx for your response. I will be going to the doctor on Monday.

Hey Ryan...I would get checked just in case...but its unlikely that it is anything serious and I doubt its cancer either....but get checked to rest your mind...+call me ignorant but breast cancer is extremely rare in man isnt it....?!

Yes it is very rare, you see maybe I am a bit paranoid but my mother died of breast cancer and it is hereditary. When I go ogled breast cancer this is found to be a common symptom among the few men who do get breast cancer. A pussy discharge from one nipple. I also forgot about this but I remember about 5 months ago for no apparent reason my nipples got scaly and were open. It went away so I didn't stress. And before anyone asks, no I don't play any kinky sex games where someone plays with my nipples.

It is most likely really nothing, but I'm going to the doc on Monday just to be on the safe side. If it is something then I will deal with it then. Have a nice weekend.


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