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Regarding the new combo drug Atripla I have read that it is for new patients that have never been on an hiv regimen. Can it work for people that are already on an hiv regimen? I have been positive for 9 years and have always been vl <50 (undetected) within 3 months of starting on hiv meds. My vl was never above 3000 and cd4 never less than 400. I have never developed a resistance to any medication since I have only been on 2 different combinations. I changed from my first combo which included Crixivan due to kidney problems. I am now on Viracept, Epivir and Zerit. I greatly appreciate the advice and information I find on this forum. Thank you.

You should speak to your doctor about it and get his/her thoughts.  As long as you don't have any resistance to any of the drugs that make up Atripla (Sustiva, Viread and Emtriva), then I don't see why you should have any problems switching to Atripla.


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Thank you for your feedback. I will ask my doctor (she is currently on vacation). I wish to change off of the Viracept because I have not been able to control the diarrhea.


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