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first boyfriend, first sexual experience, first gay bar, first gay porn......

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first boyfriend - don't remember his name. the first real boyfriend - eric.
first sexual encounter - don't remember his name. first penetration- eric.
first gay bar- arena
first gay porn - playgirl. first movie - dunno, but jawbreaker was one of them.

1. A cute Chinese twink from Singapore.
2. Some dude in Atlanta who looked a lot like Noah Wylie.
3. Difficult to remember -- maybe Neighbours?
4. My first was also my last. It's all so staggeringly boring.

Queen Tokelove:
My first bf was also the first one to pop my cherry to none other than Prince's When Doves Cry on Memorial Day. My first and only gay bar I have been to is here called The Zone. I can't remember the name of the first gay porn I saw but I remember saying, "what a waste of a good cock". Hey what can I say, it is the only time you will hear of me hating on a gay man. You guys are some sexy bitches and I mean that as a compliment, of course.

First Boyfriend: Jr. High, Doug...we sat next to each other in band, I played French Horn, he played Baritone. He also coerced me to remove my socks , whereupon he would caress my ankles, run his fingertips along my arms, hold my hand as it rested in the bell of the French Horn,  and would whisper in my ear that he loved me forever. Though that was the extent of it, he is burned into my memory, forever.

First Sex: Freshman in College '71. Craig. He was in my bowling class and had been 'out' for most of the quarter due do hurting his wrist. He drove a 69, Sky Bue, white leather, convertible, Bonneville, Pontiac. At a Drive In, I did not see the show...we were under a blanket in the back seat in the summer. I was absolutely miserable from the heat as he introduced me to 'being as one"....later, at a park at the lake, same blanket on the grass..again miserable from all the bugs...and it was still hot....I don't like to be hot and sweaty with bugs crawling on me.

First Gay Bar: Robbie's Yum Yum Tree in Pensacola Florida '72. It was "L" shaped with drag shows. One side was straight and the other was gay. When I met my first drag queen, I made her 'up' her dress and 'show me"... Don't want to 'up' Mark King but I knew Rock Hudson before he did. Hudson had an aunt that lived in Biloxi he would visit all the time. No, he did not give me Aids. Most bars along the coast were not 'bars' but houses that everyone would gather at and someone would play piano and we would sing and drink. If it was a real bar, you had to know where it was and some would actually want some kind of password to get in, if not you had to buy a membership. I used to have a wallet full of Membership cards to places I had only been in once, as the hurricane wiped the coast clean... but, you never knew, they might rebuild so you hung onto them. 

First Gay Porn: It was a local publication called "David" in New Orleans, Mobile and Pensacola. It would have articles on what was happening and give a list of known gay establishments and had some soft porn....Playgirl ...I had a stack of them in my closet..then my sisters discovered them, and they went missing..

First boyfriend

Wayne Reynolds (aka Debbie) RIP  :-*

First sexual experience

A guy I was in high school with - 1985 @ 14yrs of age wagged school, watched porn, I blew him - literally - he came in my mouth and nearly took my head off.  :o

Next blow job given - many, many, many years later.  :D

First gay bar

Black Lion Inn in Broken Hill (Outback Australia) straight bar with a 'Cocktail Lounge' at the side.   ::)

First Gay Porn

R Rated version of Switch-Hitters.  Hot then, now laaaaame.  :D;mtype=T.html/-DC489DBF-DBF4-4071-8389-44899D918CE5


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