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I can't even think up a name for this topic !


Hard Times:
hi all;
i don't get it !  ???  i can compose an e-mail, say what i have to say, and reply to responces .   :-\
then i come to the forums and it's like i turn stupid, or some thing ?  ::)   just look at the subject line !  cripes !
may be it has something to do with not knowing whom i'm typing to ?   :o   i just don't know .
sure i have things to contribute too, and questions to ask .  but i confuse VERY easly !!!  if i do make a responce it all comes out different then what i thought .  (thats what you get for thinking!) lol    ::)   ya see now i'm lost again ! (damit)
i seem to seek out the mother figure in the crowd for advice !  LOL   and i will follow the queens rules !  LOL    :-* 

and so all you people out there, have us a little more patience , and kindness , and encouraging words, for those of us that just can't figure it all out .

with warmest reguards;       Tommy

Andy Velez:
Keep it simple, Tommy. Just talk about whatever is on your mind and don't be concerned about making it all come out just right. Speak from the heart and people will understand.


Hard Times:
thanks Andy;
i figure that was a good start for me.  (getting my feet wet so to speak).
i found a way around my problem !    scratch it out on paper first !   then go from there.


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