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Birthday wishes belong in Living With Forum :)

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I'm writing this after just reading Alanbama's latest posts in this thread:

In all fairness to Terry, he didn't actually mention birthday wishes specifically (unless I missed something!), so I don't know if he meant that exactly...maybe, maybe not.

But anyhoo, for what my 2 cents is worth, I just wanted to say that on a personal note I don't buy into any commercial days like Christmas, Easter, Valentines, Mothers/Fathers/Pet Cats day etc. As far as I'm concerned I'm not a christian, so Christmas/Easter are out, there was actually no real saint called Valentine linked with Eros/love or the like and, in my heart, every day is Mothers/Fathers/Pet cats day...I don't need a special day in the calendar to tell the ones I love in my life that I love them!

But that's a completely different kettle of fish!

For me, birthdays are the only days I recognise as special days to be truly celebrated. A birthday is the one day that each and every one of us was given life. So in my mind a person's birthday is the only day that truly merits celebration (as well as anniversaries etc, that are personal to individuals of course). And although I'm guilty of not always feeling appreciative of having being given this life (with its sky high ups and crappy downs that I cant always keep on top of!) whenever a birthday comes up of someone I know/love/care about, I make a point of letting them know that I'm thinking of them and always tell them to enjoy their special day. Because to me, that's what a birthday is: special.

Not especially for people who are battling for life against the odds, but for EVERYONE.
Saying that though, for people who have battled/are battling for life against the odds, I think that to them every birthday they see is that extra bit special to them, and so it should be! And from what I have understood so far in my mere 34 year-old life, there appears to be nothing quite so effective as a real brush with death to make most people appreciate life!

Whenever I see one of Alanís Birthday Threads in Living With, even though I may not always post for one reason or another, it always makes me smile.

This thread is not about me wanting to stick up for someone I like - although I do happen to like Alan! :) Itís about me responding to a subject I feel passionately about.

A birth day is where life begins. Life is about living. That's why I think birthday wishes belong in the Living With Forum.

Just sayin'©...(Jonathan, I'll send you your %  ;))

Melia :)

I started to reply to the "anti-personal messages" posting in that thread, but stopped myself repeatedly. I'm sitting here in my office trying to decide whether to reply in the existing thread or start a new one.  Sorta crazy isn't it?  TGIF  Its been a long week. Thank you Melia for making the first move.

Now, to the point. I think birthday messages, personal messages, "Have you seen so and so" messages are fine. There is no harm with them.  I actually consider them quite friendly and
they speak to what a good group of people are here.  It is pretty easy to predict the contents of such threads. If you're not interested, just move on down.

No restrictions on postings or members- well other than those currently outlined in the policies.


Thank you, Melia, for stating so perfectly why birthdays are important to me.

What I don't understand, is why someone would have a problem with it.   If you don't want to read the thread, you certainly do not have to.   It's that way with all threads.   What is unimportant to one person may be VERY important to someone else.

Love to you, my friend....


PS - if you are fairly new to the forums and you know that I do not have your birthday (my list is about 95% info I culled from the old forums) please send me a private message with it.  For example these are some I have NEVER had:
Allopathic (Alex)
The Canuck
GSOGymrat (Ford)
Marco Antonio
AZ (is he still posting here?  Chris is my American Idol bud!)
Kelly, Teresa, some of you newer folks please send me a pm with your birthdate so we can all congratulate you on your special day.   You don't have to tell me the year if you don't want to -- but it seems to me we should all be PROUD of those advancing years! 

Edited to add:   Dang, I don't have YOURS Melia!  Just noticed that.....


I think what Alan does is great!  I remember how touched and moved I was last month by the birthday greetings I got.  I loved it, I think most members do.

Good job Alan and thanks for your "labor of love".


(Who notes it appears the initial reason for this thread was a misunderstanding, but is glad to have the opportunity to recognize Alan for what he does.)

The Canuck:
Alan is certainly the best for this.  :P

--- Quote ---If you don't want to read the thread, you certainly do not have to.   It's that way with all threads.   What is unimportant to one person may be VERY important to someone else.
--- End quote ---

I always do this anyway. I possibly read about 50% of the messages being posted on these forums and skip the ones that sounds '' uninteresting '' to me.


The Canuck


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